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What are the best military watches for the armed forces

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Whatever your preferred interpretation of the military watch subgenre, each timepiece that fits this mantra shares a toughness and spirit of adventure. These timepieces are built to embrace the great outdoors in all its muddy, messy splendor rather than shy away at home.

For good reason, civilian watch collectors are captivated by military watches, which were made with the specific intention of adorning the wrists of infantrymen and women, divers, explosive ordnance disposal specialists, special operators, and other people who routinely risk their lives in conflict. A military wristwatch has a unique kind of elegance since it contains very few unnecessary design elements and only those that are absolutely necessary to execute the job.

However, there is no such clarity when it comes to military watches, which is an issue. It has caused a variety of brands to copy the field watch’s design language and sell their wristwatch as “military” without offering any assurances that it will function as intended.

It is therefore not surprising that manufacturers of genuine military-grade wristwear are differentiating themselves through audacious and fantastical expressions of their credentials, such as IWC’s most recent Top Gun collaboration or Breitling’s Aviator 8 homage to the P-40 Warhawk fighter plane, which was created at the same time that Breitling was providing cockpit components to the RAF.

Younger dial names encounter difficulties since they lack the advantages of a lengthy history. Bremont, founded in 2002, has therefore looked for a certification. Since it is now the only luxury watch manufacturer authorized to lawfully use the insignia of all three services, its line includes timepieces that are “approved by Her Majesty’s armed forces.”

What characteristics are required for a military wristwatch to be mission-ready?

Although there isn’t always a set list of qualities, the following characteristics serve as a decent starting point:

Toughness: Materials that are highly resistant to impact, corrosion, and harsh environmental conditions should be used in machine cases. Prior to the widespread use of stainless steel (or during times of shortage due to the war), nickel-coated base metals or even sterling silver were employed; nevertheless, today, plastics are also becoming more and more popular alongside steel.

Luminosity: A military watch must have some sort of illumination mechanism because it would be nearly difficult to read the time in low light without some kind of luminous compound on the dial (or a backlight). (Interestingly, to prevent the adversary from detecting a luminous dial from a distance, a military watch must frequently be covered.)

Reliability: A military watch must always be dependable, whether it has a mechanical or quartz movement. Movements must be able to operate in harsh temperatures as well as at high altitudes. If a battery is used to power the movement, the battery must be very effective and long-lasting.

Serviceability: A watchmaker should find it quite easy to repair a military watch and replace or upgrade any worn-out components. When using a watch in challenging circumstances, parts can (and do) break. If a watch has, for example, a difficult-to-work-on movement, this will prohibit the watch from being swiftly put back into rotation.

Usefulness: The timepiece should be simple to read and use, free of clutter and any unnecessary components that would impair its performance. For instance, a cluttered dial makes it difficult to read the time, and a special dive bezel that is difficult to turn can make use underwater all but impossible.

Watches for Navy SEALs

Anyone who leads active lifestyle benefits from tactical timepieces, but Navy SEALs in particular. Because anything is possible when one is a member of an elite task team, these timepieces must be robust, water-resistant, and simple to read. Overall, each watch has a few minor variations in features based on the manufacturer and the model.

Watches from the Seal Team

The changing needs of society are a major factor in the ongoing evolution of the watch business. After World War 1, there was a rise in interest in timepieces with a tough construction, resistance to water, and other elements that would be useful in the field. The Navy SEALs are well known for their difficult tasks and successes.

What watches do Navy SEALs actually wear while on missions?

The Navy SEALs don’t wear official watches, according to the US government. Individual choices for watches depend on a variety of elements, including their use, weight, and functionality. The Timex Ironman watch is worn by Jocko Willink, a well-known SEAL lieutenant commander of Team 3, because he “prefers the practical, robust, and economical kind” ( The Suunto Core Watch, on the other hand, is preferred by Richard Machowicz, a former Navy SEAL and expert in armament and military technology, due to its multi-functional digital features.

When it comes to picking the perfect watch, there are many factors to consider, including water resistance. Not just for those who like to dive or snorkel, waterproof watches are ideal for every man. Of course, while no watch is truly “waterproof”, many will safely see you through splashes, showers, swims, and more. All you need to do is find the right one for your needs. 


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