Why You Should Hire a Social Media Manager?

If you didn't have someone working nonstop on these initiatives, campaigns might not always be successful in the long run and might not inspire additional brilliant ideas. Posted On
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Learn what social media managers do and appreciate the critical part they play in helping your brand grow through professional strategies that make sure you connect with the right customers for your particular type of business and sector and create the kinds of connections that guarantee brand loyalty.

A social media manager is what?

Among other things, a social media manager is a strategist, a promoter, a facilitator, a bridge, and a strong voice who promotes your business on social media.

According to Statista, 3.6 billion individuals used social media in the world in 2020, and that figure may reach 4.41 billion by 2025. These figures comprise both your current and potential clients or consumers. You need the correct kind of acumen and talents to reach them because your rivals are undoubtedly working hard on their own to reach your potential clients first.

A social media manager can help with this.

What Do Managers of Social Media Do?

The job of a social media manager is to represent a brand and the business that created it on social media. Everything they do is to improve the online visibility of your company.

Their connection to your company includes the following:

Social interaction: They choose when and how often to post content on your social media accounts, as well as how to reply to comments so that engagement is increased.

Development of brand identity: They support building consumer recognition of your brand.

  • Strategy creation. They offer insightful analysis and creative suggestions for your tactics.
  • Promotions (Leveraging organic traffic, sponsored ads, influencers, etc) (Leveraging organic traffic, paid ads, influencers, etc.)
  • Colors, images (vector or otherwise), profile photographs, etc.
  • Engagement (Tone and quality of connection with your social media audience) (Tone and quality of interaction with your social media audience)
  • Conversion (Turning enthusiasts and doubters alike into buyers by precisely identifying legitimate issues and aiding their resolution) (Turning fans and doubters alike into consumers by accurately identifying valid issues and facilitating their resolution)

Here are the top five reasons why you need to have a social media manager

1. The Social Environment Is Constantly Changing

A social media manager can monitor algorithm adjustments and emerging platform trends in addition to modifying your strategy and content in light of fresh information.

A social media manager should also be open-minded about new platforms and think about the methods they should implement right now to succeed on those new platforms.

Consider the app TikTok. Since TikTok has over 2 billion smartphone downloads worldwide as of October 2020, it is safe to state that your brand should be there since, rest certain, your opponent is.

The same is true for updated functionality on a social media platform that already exists. Do you recall when Reels and Shops debuted on Instagram toward the end of last year? Did your team meet to discuss how to exploit the platform’s new areas to their fullest potential?

A social media manager who is observant of changes that are occurring or are about to occur and nimble enough to adjust campaign objectives and content with their customers can help them achieve their goals more successfully.

2. Participation in Social Media Is Required

An employee who posts carelessly and without planning on your social media platforms can harm your brand.

If that describes how you currently feel, I firmly suggest that you start over.

The use of social media cannot be set and forgotten. This strategy has a history of potentially doing more harm than benefit. Engagement is vital for this reason.

You must interact with your users, whether they are on a page or in a group. Why? The users of your business want to know that the company they care about cares about them since social media is two-way communication.

A social media manager can and should continuously keep an eye on the brand’s social media channels, not only for reputation management (learn more about that below) but also to gather additional information that could benefit your company’s image.

Need advice on what topics your readers want to read about or are you unsure about what new product to sell? Query them!

All other campaigns you are working on will be able to incorporate your social media manager’s initiatives.

Say they purchased a product in the incorrect size. You can be sure that a consumer would turn to social media first to get their problem fixed.

Being helpful in the social media sphere can also give your users a better experience because they may settle their problems on a platform that suits them.

3. Maintain Your Good Name While Serving Your Customers

Every message, review, and remark made about a brand on social media is regularly monitored by social media manager(s).

They not only have the proper triaging procedure in place, but they also know how to comport themselves on the platform while promoting the company.

Hiring someone with extensive experience in this field is crucial because they can quickly reduce and resolve problems that would otherwise turn into catastrophes if a less experienced person had been given the job.

In order to ensure that contingency plans are in place well in advance of a social media crisis, it is crucial that the social media manager develops not only the appropriate voice and language of the brand within social media but also collaborates with other employees of the company, such as customer support and PR.

It is also necessary to respond to comments promptly, whether they are positive or negative. Better results come faster.

Your brand has the power to either make someone respect how your business behaves on social media or to assist in solving a problem for a current or potential customer or client.

4. Increasing Your Following

A social media manager should have a person who is responsible for expanding their audience listed under their KPIs. Increasing your social media following is simply a digital megaphone.

A September 2020 research found that 29% of respondents were motivated by social media to make a purchase the same day they used it, and 51% of respondents said that social media had some influence on their purchasing decisions.

Consider your social media followers to be brand ambassadors who can help spread the word about the advantages of utilizing your company’s products.

The credibility of your brand increases with the size of your audience.

Additionally, there is an increase in brand trust.

Are you interested in forming partnerships with other brands as well as businesses? A huge social media following also boosts your “street cred,” which opens up more options for your brand.

Wanted to spread the news about a blog post you wrote or a new feature you launched on your website?

A sizable audience can aid in the spread of the good word, which will increase not only your social media following but also your leads and revenue.

5. Reporting and Monitoring

You can enhance your current campaign by appointing a manager to handle all of your social media initiatives.

However, a social media manager may also keep your brand flexible by modifying goals, ideas, or content if your existing initiatives aren’t yielding the best results.

A social media manager will keep an eye on their campaigns and optimize others as needed to make sure your money is being used wisely and your objectives are being achieved.

A social media manager who monitors campaigns over time will be able to tell if a method is losing its effectiveness or if the plan needs to be changed.

When reporting at the end of the month, adds a ton of value because they will present evidence that:

  1. That month, what was put to death?
  2. How well, it performed in comparison to earlier months.
  3. What action is necessary now?

If you didn’t have someone working nonstop on these initiatives, campaigns might not always be successful in the long run and might not inspire additional brilliant ideas.


Hopefully, it is now clear to you that employing a social media manager is the preferable option.

An individual who can give their all to the strategy and objectives of your business will provide considerably greater results than having an intern or low-level staff submit material at random on your behalf.

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